Key Laboratory of Stable Isotope Techniques and Applications, Liaoning Province

The Key Laboratory of Stable Isotope Technology of Liaoning Province relies on the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences. It is the first provincial key laboratory in Liaoning Province to study, utilize and test stable isotope techniques. The laboratory was approved for construction in September 2018, which can further exert the leading and leading role of the Institute of Applied Ecology of the Chinese Academy of Sciences in the study of stable isotope ecology in China. Focus on the strengths to strengthen the construction of scientific research conditions, expand open communication at home and abroad, attract and cultivate High-end research talents, promote interdisciplinary integration, promote the output of original results, improve China's ability to solve regional and national major ecological problems, and enhance the overall research level and international influence of Liaoning Province in this field.

The laboratory develops and innovates stable isotope analysis techniques, cultivates talents for isotope technology, and uses stable isotope techniques to study ecological processes such as ecosystem productivity, material cycle processes, and nutrient availability changes, providing isotope evidence for ecological environment research; Isotope technology conducts research on the source of pollutants, identification of adulteration of food and agricultural products, authenticity judgment and traceability of origin, providing technical support for food safety control; developing standard substances and working quality control substances required for stable isotope technology, etc. Domestic and international counterparts in service related fields.

The laboratory has 26 researchers, 5 technical support staff and 1 management staff. The researchers all have doctoral degrees, including 9 researchers, 9 associate researchers, and 8 assistant researchers. One of the national "Thousand Talents Program" was selected, one of the national "Youth Thousand Talents Plan" was selected, and three of the Chinese Academy of Sciences "Hundred Talents Program" were selected. There are 30 current mobile workers, including 4 postdocs, 15 doctoral students and 11 postgraduates. There are 25 sets of large instruments in the laboratory. The isotope mass spectrum includes MAT 253, MAT 253 (Dual), DELTA plus XP, IsoPrime 100, peripherals including GCC, EA, TC/EA, LC-Isolink, Gasbench, Precon, TOC, etc. .